Stor udstilling om NORD i Reykjavik

Reykjavik Citybibliotek har netop modtaget penge til udstillingen “NORDs verden”.
Børnenes Kulturfond har doneret 18,6 mio. islandske kroner (1. mill danske kroner) til projektet. 

Udstillingen bliver et miks af litteratur, teknologiog natur, spil og læring. Alle teenagere i Reykjavik vil blive inviteret til udstillingen og NORD vil blive læst i skolerne.
Udstillingen “NORDs verden” åbner i kulturcentret i Gerðuberg i 30. nobember, 2019 og kan ses frem til vinter 2020. 


In NORD, the Norse myths and forgotten creatures of the wild, come alive, when 14 year old Nord goes on a journey in search of her missing mother. On her way, she meets the three wise Norns, Urd, Verdande and Skuld – and they arrange for the squirrel/boy Ratatorsk, to be her guide and companion into the netherworld, Niflheim. Here, in the deep midst of the world, the evil serpent Nidhug, is devouring the roots of the Tree of Life, Yggdrasil. Nord realizes that the world is going under, and she is the the only one with the power to save it.

NORD was published by Høst & Søn in 2017, and was rewarded as one of the ten best books of 2017, by the Danish Arts Foundation, with the following words:
“A modern and different Ragnarok-tale, inviting the young reader into the world of Norse mythology, in a very interesting way – while adding contemporary world problems to the narrative. The synergy between text and image is beautiful and dynamic, and elevates the reading experience. NORD breaks boundaries in other ways, as it is not only published as a traditional book, but as a digital, interactive work as well.”

“Camilla Hübbe and Rasmus Meisler strikes again, with a tween/young adult novel, where words and images send the story roaring towards new heights!
Third strike really does it, for creative duo Camilla Hübbe, the story teller, and Rasmus Meisler, the visual artist. Not that they haven’t received plenty of accolades for TAVS from 2012, about longing and death, set in Japan, or the jazzy, voodoo brimming Louis Armstærk from 2015 – but NORD is particularly relvant and successful. In this book, they present the reader with an original collage of words and images, that enriches each other, and lets the story really take flight. It’s not a graphic novel, nor is it just an illustrated book. It’s a completely new thing. Let’s call it a ‘Hübsler’.
It’s wild. It’s dangerous. It’s almost unbearable. What a book!”

Politiken: *****

In late 2019, NORD comes in Icelandic translation via Dimma Publishers.

Louis Armstærk

Louis Armstærk cover

Louis Armstærk was originally written as a serial in the Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen (2014) and published as novel at Høst & Søn (2015) – and once again illustrated by Rasmus Meisler, Camilla Hübbe’s creative partner in both TAVS and NORD.

It is a colourful tale about Louis Armstærk*, a charming and feisty twelve year old girl on a quest to find her lost father in the swampy outskirts of jazzy New Orleans. The story takes place in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, and Louis will need all kinds of magical helpers and special skills to pull through.

*the name of the heroine, Louis Armstærk, is a verbal pun – it is a literal Danish translation of ‘Louis Armstrong’.

Louis is twelve years old and not much bigger than a bicycle, but she is strong. When her father is reported missing in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, and her mother sneaks a new man into the household, Louis has had enough.

The travels from Denmark to the States, in search of her dad, convinced that he is still alive. On her journey she meets Papa Legba, who opens up a passage to another world; a world where boys can transform themselves into turtles, where she must stand tall in the strongest wind in the world, and where – or so rumor has it – a strange man sits somewhere, playing a conch trumpet. A man that sounds a lot like Louis’ father…..

“There isn’t a false note in Camilla Hübbes story about jazz, friendship and mysterious swampy landscapes. Camilla Hübbe sets the story afloat with the ease of a great melody, and all of a sudden you are reminded of the time when you started loving books. Louis Armstærk is a perfect chance to pass on that special love.”

Berlingske Tidende: *****

“A beautiful, odd tale, sprinkled with madness”

Politiken: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


TAVS is an illustrated novel about identity, loneliness, love and death, inspired by the Japanese manga tradition, Haruki Murakami and film noir. Tavs is a thirteen year old boy, whose life has become increasingly difficult, after the death of his twin brother, and his family’s move to Tokyo.

Tavs misses his brother, Teo. He sees his shadow everywhere. From reflections in windows and mirrors, Teo tries to lure Tavs into joining him on the other side, and after failing at a musical performance with the Japanese girl Shiro, Tavs decides to do so. He ventures onto a long journey through a strange world, towards Teo and the realm of the Dead. On his way, he encounters cannibalistic giants, blood thirsty swarms of insects and monstrous dragons – until he is washed up on a remote shore, and reunited with Teo.

TAVS published by Høst & Søn 2012.

Winner of the Danish Children’s Librarians Prize, 2013
Ping Prize nominee in the category: Best young adult graphic novel.

From the Ping Prize nomination speech:

“Camilla Hübbe has written and Rasmus Meisler has illustrated a graphic tale about identity, loneliness, death and love, inspired by the Japanese Manga tradition.

The main plot revolves around the protagonist Tavs and his longing for his late twin brother, Teo. Tavs’ memories and emotions serve as an interesting and many layered pathway to the journey he must undertake – a journey between inner and outer worlds.

Camilla Hübbe and Rasmus Meislers illustrated novel is a narrative experiment, with its manga style images, that engages the reader and adds pulse and edge to a large and complex story. In TAVS you find a bold and admirable interaction between images and words, and a form that really involves its young readers, and takes them seriously.”

The app novel TAVS is a digital version of the book form 2013 – with its genre defying mix of text, music, stills, animation and soundscapes – an ambitious take on a new digital literary style.

The animated artwork by Rasmus Meisler and the suggestive soundscapes by Stefan Pasborg is created to lift and enhance the shifting moods in Camilla Hübbes novel. The narrative is organized in locations and lets the reader follow thirteen year old Tavs on his desperate trip from Tokyo to a destructive netherworld.

The app novel was created as a part of a pilot project for new media literature, from e-book to i-book. The project was mainly funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

TAVS the app was given the coveted ‘QED’ (quality, excellence, design) mark for e-books and apps.

NORD nyhed hos Gyldendal​

Det digitale eventyr NORD af Camilla Hübbe og Rasmus Meisler er nu tilgængelig på Gyldendal Undervisning til skoler. I NORD læses og arbejdes der med digital/intermedial litteratur, dvs. litteratur der benytter sig skrift, billede, lyd og interaktion.
Se mere hos Gyldendal her.            Skærmbillede 2018-04-24 kl. 18.21.13.png

NORD på Island

Jeg er blevet inviteret til Reykjavik af byens Citybibliotek for at fortælle om den digitale NORD på den danske ambassade og til dansk -og islandslærere i Reykjavik. Den digitale version bliver nemlig tilgængelig på hele Island de næste 2 år. Der er desuden planer om at lave en stor NORD-udstilling, som jeg har været til brainstormingsmøde om på biblioteket. Det er skønt, at mærke den entusiasme, der hersker om NORD her i landet. Til efteråret kommer papirudgaven på islandsk på forlaget Dimma. Jubiii!