About Camilla

Photo: Sine Kristiansen

Camilla Hübbe is one of Denmark´s most renowned and critically acclaimed kids and teen author´s.

The voyage has always been a central aspect of her authorship with her books taking place all over the world: Japan, Spain, The U.S., Iceland and her native Denmark.

She regularly collaborates with the award-winning illustrator, Rasmus Meisler, and the latest work from their hands is NORD – a book, a digital tale, an exhibition and educational material. The plot evolves around the 14-year old North, who goes on a quest to save the world in a tale full of mythical Nordic creatures set in a modern world. The purpose to give the traditional Scandinavian tales back to the new generations and to honor nature. NORD is followed by a sequel in 2021.

As head writer, Camilla Hübbe has written the hugely popular television Christmas calendar “The Twins & Santa Claus” (TV 2 Denmark, 24 episodes, 2013) and the comedy series ”Nynne” (TV3 Denmark, 12 episodes, 2006).