NORD – digital

The 14 year-old Nord goes on a quest to save the world in this digital tale full of mythical Nordic creatures, set in a modern world.

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“Nordic children should know more about their roots. They should be familiar with Norns, Dwarfs, and such mythological creatures, an important part of their cultural heritage – which we somehow neglected to pass on to them.”
Camilla Hübbe

NORD is a digital tale, explored via an interactive website. Published 2018 by Forlaget NORD and distributed by Gyldendal. The audience is children and youngsters between 12 and 15 years, and the theme is Norse mythology and The Prophecy of the Völva, a lyrical text about the creation of the world, from the ancient Icelandic Edda. The main plot in the digital tale NORD is crafted by writer Camilla Hübbe. Illustrations by Rasmus Meisler and web design by the agency Space & Time.

The story is about our future climate challenges and how our common history is channeled through our verbal and cultural understanding. The project is based on a previous, successful collaboration between Camilla Hübbe and Rasmus Meisler – the digital app-novel TAVS.

In studies, carried out by the Danish PhD in children’s literature, Ayoe Quist Henkel, it has been indicated, that digital literature, combining text, imagery, sound and movement, is especially effective in stimulating reading. This makes it a great choice for children that are challenged in reading, by lack of confidence, dyslexia or similar issues.

The texts are relatively short, and read by a professional British actress. This makes the material furthermore suited for language studies, because it enables parallel listening and reading, and you can combine different languages. At this point NORD digital comes in Danish, Icelandic and English. Swedish, Norwegian and Faroese versions will follow later in 2019.

The new translations are published in March 2019, as the material is presented at the children’s book fair in Bologna, and is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.

NORD has been published by the renowned Gyldendal, and has been supplemented with an educational kit, abot intermedial reading.

NORD digital in Icelandic is distributed by the Reykjavik City Library for the next two years.


“NORD is very hard to ignore: it shines bright as a star, both during and after reading, and it broadens your horizon, both as far as the digital genre, and in (re)experiencing the nordic mythology.

Nord is the name of a 14 year old girl, who ventures out into the world, in search of her mother. But she finds herself in the midst of an environmental catastrophe – an utter Ragnarok, where the tree of life, Yggdasil, is dying, and Nord is forced to go into battle in an interactive caleidoscope of animation, illustration and text. Dwarfs, mythological creatures and characters from our cultural heritage enriches the tale, and makes it vibrant and alive. The style is darkly aesthetic in the best New Nordic fashion, and Nord is a multi sensory experience for all the senses.”
‘Folkeskolen’ – magazine of the Danish Teachers Association – 2018

Camilla Hübbe, producer and writer & Rasmus Meisler, producer and illustrator.