The 14 year-old North goes on a quest to save the world in this digital tale full of mythical Nordic creatures, set in a modern world.

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“I wish to give the traditional Scandinavian tales back to the new generations –- providing a better understanding of their cultural background.  I want to remind them of the ancient forces of the north: Hulder, – the seductive forest creature – Vala – the female seer.
I also hope to give the young audience confidence in their voice and help them realize that every single action truly matters in this the world”, Camilla Hübbe.

NORTH is a book, a digital tale, a library exhibition and educational material for all Nordic countries, produced by Camilla Hübbe and Rasmus Meisler.
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Camilla Hübbe, producer and writer & Rasmus Meisler, producer and illustrator.