Louis Armstærk

Louis Armstærk cover

Louis Armstærk was originally written as a serial in the Danish newspaper, Weekendavisen (2014) and published as novel at Høst & Søn (2015) – and once again illustrated by Rasmus Meisler, Camilla Hübbe’s creative partner in both TAVS and NORD.

It is a colourful tale about Louis Armstærk*, a charming and feisty twelve year old girl on a quest to find her lost father in the swampy outskirts of jazzy New Orleans. The story takes place in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, and Louis will need all kinds of magical helpers and special skills to pull through.

*the name of the heroine, Louis Armstærk, is a verbal pun – it is a literal Danish translation of ‘Louis Armstrong’.

Louis is twelve years old and not much bigger than a bicycle, but she is strong. When her father is reported missing in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina, and her mother sneaks a new man into the household, Louis has had enough.

The travels from Denmark to the States, in search of her dad, convinced that he is still alive. On her journey she meets Papa Legba, who opens up a passage to another world; a world where boys can transform themselves into turtles, where she must stand tall in the strongest wind in the world, and where – or so rumor has it – a strange man sits somewhere, playing a conch trumpet. A man that sounds a lot like Louis’ father…..

“There isn’t a false note in Camilla Hübbes story about jazz, friendship and mysterious swampy landscapes. Camilla Hübbe sets the story afloat with the ease of a great melody, and all of a sudden you are reminded of the time when you started loving books. Louis Armstærk is a perfect chance to pass on that special love.”

Berlingske Tidende: *****

“A beautiful, odd tale, sprinkled with madness”

Politiken: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥