camilla sh lilleCamilla Hübbe is one of Denmark´s most renowned and critically acclaimed kids and teen author´s.
The voyage has always been a central aspect of her authorship with her books taking place all over the world: Japan, Spain, The U.S., Iceland and her native Denmark.
She collaborates with the award-winning illustrator, Rasmus Meisler, and they are currently producing NORTH – a book, a digital tale, an exhibition and educational material.
The plot evolves around the 14-year old North, who goes on a quest to save the world in a tale full of mythical Nordic creatures set in a modern world. The purpose to give the traditional Scandinavian tales back to the new generations and to honor nature.
As head writer, Camilla Hübbe has written the hugely popular television Christmas calendar “The Twins & Santa Claus” (TV 2 Denmark, 24 episodes, 2013) and the comedy series ”Nynne” (TV3 Denmark, 12 episodes, 2006).